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FoxWeb is licensed per server, not per client, meaning that there is no licensing restriction on the number of clients connected to a server. The FoxWeb licensing agreement requires that each physical server and each virtual host are licensed.

A physical server is defined as an actual computer running the FoxWeb server. In the case of multiple physical servers, a separate license must be purchased for each server. Moreover, each virtual host on each server must be licensed, but this can be achieved by purchasing one of the multi-host licenses (see below). You may not load the same license key on multiple computers. If FoxWeb is running on a load-balanced server farm, each server in the group must have a separate license.

Virtual hosts are distinct sites with different host names, running on the same physical server. For example, www.foxweb.com, www.foxweb.org and apps.foxweb.com are considered to be distinct virtual hosts and need to be licensed. The only exception is a host name with and without the "www" part (for example www.foxweb.com and foxweb.com), which count as a single virtual host. Each virtual host can be associated with a host name and/or an IP address, either of which can be used in the URL.

For virtual hosts, you can either purchase separate licenses, or preferably you can purchase one of the multi-virtual-host license packages, which offer significant discounts over purchasing the same number of individual licenses. You may purchase additional licenses to increase the number of virtual hosts that are allowed to run on your server. For example, if you already have a 5-virtual host license and you are about to exceed its limit, you may purchase an additional 5-virtual host license for a total of 10 virtual hosts. If you anticipate that you will be loading FoxWeb on additional virtual hosts in the near future, then you can save money by purchasing a multi-virtual-host license that meet your current and future needs. This is because discounts for virtual hosts only apply if they are on the same license and no discount applies for licenses purchased in the past.

License Type Virtual Hosts Purchase Price Upgrade Price
Regular 1 $249 $99
2 $399 $179
5 $645 $259
10 $990 $399
20 $1,790 $690
Unlimited $3,950 $1,590
Development $99 $49
(All prices are in US dollars)

Development Servers:
A separate license must be purchased for each computer hosting FoxWeb scripts. If you wish to run FoxWeb on a second development server, you may purchase a special Development Server license instead of a full license. Development Server Licenses cost $99 US and have the following limitations:

  1. A Development server license must be tied to a full license. It must either be purchased on the same order form as a full license, or you must provide the serial number of a previously purchased full license for the same version of FoxWeb.
  2. You may only host a single virtual host on a development computer. If you enter a developer license on an installation that also has a regular license, only the regular license will take effect. Also, you may not combine multiple development licenses on the same server to increase the number of licensed virtual hosts.
  3. Development Server Licenses may not be used on sites that are publicly available other than for demonstration, development and/or testing purposes.

Upgrades from Previous Versions:
You may upgrade from previous versions of FoxWeb to the latest version for a significant discount. Licenses can only be upgraded to the same type of license, for example, a 2-virtual-host license can only be upgraded to a 2-virtual-host license. In order to upgrade an existing license, you must indicate the license number and software key on the FoxWeb order form.

Volume Discounts/Multiple Servers:
We offer volume discounts for purchases of 5 or more licenses on the same order form. Discounts vary based on the number and type of licenses being purchased. For details please send e-mail to support@foxweb.com, stating the exact number of licenses you wish to purchase, as well as the number of virtual hosts for each license.

How to Order

To order FoxWeb please click the link below and follow the instructions on the screen. For the protection of your data we utilize 128-bit SSL encryption.

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International Orders:
FoxWeb is not sold by international distributors. All orders must be made through this site and payment must be tendered in US dollars.

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