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After some thinking and testing I think I know what is going on in the table_assign method.
As long as the data is in the search path the table is neatly added to the object.
HOWEVER, (and here is the thing!) I have my database on a network drive that can be accessed through several settings depending on the machine where I work on (for one machine it could be the H: drive on another machine it could be the Z: drive.
I open the database depending on some settings in an ini file, again, modified per machine.

So my assumption now is that in the aforementioned method the adatabases() and INDBC() functions are not used.
What would be useful then is check if a database IS open (aDatabases() function)
then check with the indbc() function whether the table is in the database and then add the table to the table property of the search object.
just my $0.02 (about €0.018) Wink
Sent by Boudewijn lutgerink on 02/06/2016 01:30:31 AM:
 Out of the blue the fulltextsearch object doesn't recognize the "table=" setting.
I open the database
create the textsearch object
TRY TO fill the table property
However, no matter what I do it doesn't get filled.
here are the steps I take:
  • Open the database
  • set the table property, no result
  • "use" the table
  • set the table property, no result
  • set the table property with a full path (never did that before), no result.
  • use the table exclusive
  • set the table property, no result
I tested against the errors property but that returns 0 errors. thus no description, severity or anything else useful.
What is going on here?Yell This is driving me bonkers.