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Ok.  Hopefully this falls into the 'Dumb User Error' category.  I'm trying to get some metrics around the FTS and wrote the following code:

oFullText = NEWOBJECT('classFullText')
oFullText.Table = "whatever.dbf"
oFullText.ExclusiveIndexing = .t.

response.write("Start:  ")

RetValue = oFullText.CreateIndex('whatever_ID', 'name,alias,addresses,activities,description:html', .T., FILETOSTR('FTSNoiseWords.txt'), 2)


CLEAR CLASS classfulltext
(I'm sure that the FoxWeb folks will recognize much of the above code is from their very own sample source code.)

Here's the issue: When I set oFullText.ExclusiveIndexing to .F., the program works just fine and spits out the start and end times, along with 1,051  'Indexing record x of 10510' messages in between.  When I set oFullText.ExclusiveIndexing to .T., I get the start time and the 1,051 messages.  Then I get "FoxWeb Channel Stopped Responding.

I would have expected something like this when that value was set to false seeing as it takes well over 6 times longer to complete.  Since I don't have the source, I can't determin where it's hanging up or why.  As always, any ideas or insights would be greatly appreciated.

Some other particulars: using Foxpro V9 (patched) on Windows 2003.  The 'name' and 'alias' fields are character(100) and the rest are memos.  There are just over 25,000 unique words.  The non-exclusive run takes 2,173 seconds (just over 37 minutes). 


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