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I have never seen this issue associated with the Full Text Search class before. How are you using the class?  Are you calling it from a FoxWeb script, or from a traditional VFP program?  Can you provide us with some sample code that illustrates the problem?  In doing so, please remove all code that is unrelated to the full text search functionality.  The program should only include the code necessary to open the required tables, instantiate the Full Text Search object, populate its properties and call the Search method.

By the way, did you try running the sample form that is packaged with the Full Text Search class?  Is that giving you the same problem, or does it work  as expected?

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Sent by Adel Gharib on 11/30/2006 01:51:26 PM:
I am calling the full search search method with four correct parameters. It gives me a message box saying "Object is not contained in a FORM".
Any clue?