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This is very strange.  The exact same test works fine in this forum.  Try searching for "CDJ-200" and you will find your message and this reply.  Currently, the FullText class only indexes letters, numbers and underscores.  all other characters are treated as spaces.  Search behavior when searching for special characters will depend on the value of the bProximity argument that you pass to the CreateIndex method when indexing your table.  If bProximity is false, then all special characters are ignored and it's just like you were searching for the words CDJ and 200.  If bProximity is true, then the same search would look for CDJ, followed by 200.  In fact, CDJ:200, CDJ^200 and "CDJ 200" are identical searches and will all yield the same results.

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Sent by Joe Goldsmith on 06/25/2006 10:42:05 PM:
If in a field I have the following two rows:
"Pioneer CDJ-200 Turntable"
"Pioneer CDJ-800 Turntable"
Searches return the following:
SEARCH           HITS
"Pioneer"            2
"Turntable"         2
"CDJ"                 2
"200"                 1
"CDJ-200"           0
"CDJ-800"           0
"CDJ - 200"         1
What these tests suggest is that search application takes the product IDs of "CDJ-200" and CDJ-800" and places a space left and right of the hyphen.
The documentation used the example "Tree-Top" and indicates that "Tree", "Top", and "Tree-Top" will be found. The tests above suggest differently than the example. What may be happening?