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When the Search method is called, it tries to process the search string to figure out what is being searched.  If there are any errors in the search string, the class tries to fix them.  For example, if you include an opening quote, but not a closing quote, the closing quote is added to the end of the string.  Other types of corrections include the removal of extraneous spaces, replacement of commas with spaces, etc.
The search form of this forum populates the search string with the value placed in LastCorrectedSearchPhrase after each search.  Try it!

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Sent by Joe Goldsmith on 06/26/2006 09:53:55 AM:
I am not sure I completely understand the LastCorrectedSearchPhrase property. The documentation says that it "Returns a syntactically valid search phrase after a call to the search method." Beyond the wording in the sentence I am not sure what it does. The readings suggest that it reformats a search keyword or phrase for a better search. If the call to this property comes after the search itself, what/how does it do what the documentation says that it does? It seems that it should come before the call to the search method. Some clarification would be helpful.