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The class deletes records whenever you call the UpdateRecordIndex method.  Consequently, if you often update, or delete records from your indexed table, you may end up with large numbers of deleted records.
It would be possible to subsequently re-use these records and will look into this possibility for a future release, but my recommendation is to occasionally (once a week?) rebuild the index from scratch with the UpdateIndex method.  This will not only remove all deleted records, but will also remove any discrepancies between the index and the actual data.  Such discrepancies may be a result of changes made to the actual data, without subsequently calling the UpdateRecordIndex method.

FoxWeb Support Team email

Sent by David Younger on 03/06/2006 07:49:41 PM:
 I notice that the size of FTS index tables gets very large very quickly.

On analysis, it appears that there are many deleted records created each time you update the index.

Can these deleted records be reused instead of allowing the size to bloat?

This is causing a performace degredation.