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The VBScript scripting library required by the full-text object has been part of Internet Explorer since version 5.5.  It should be available on all computers running Windows XP (which ships with IE 6.0), and previous versions of Windows if the user upgraded to IE 5.5 or later.
I don't understand how you could be getting this error on a computer running XP.  Try running the following command in VFP and let us know what you get:

FoxWeb Support Team email

Sent by David Younger on 02/09/2006 06:58:15 PM:
When calling the CreateIndex function, I am getting the following error:

Class definition VBSCRIPT.REGEXP is not found. 

A few of our clients also have this error but there are also many machines running this fine.

I have Win XP with SP.

Following is my VFP9 function to create the index.




LPARAMETERS mftt,mtable,mKeyField,mIndFields
* Create Full Text Search
IF (mauto AND ! FILE(mftt)) OR (! mauto AND FrmIndex.CkFTS.Value = 1 )
    LOCAL mStatusText
        CASE ! mAuto
            mStatusText = FrmIndex.TEXT1
        CASE TYPE("about.TSMAbout.Page1.Status.Caption")= "C"
            mStatusText = about.TSMAbout.Page1.Status
            mStatusText = ""
    IF TYPE("About.LockScreen") # "U"        
        About.LOCKSCREEN = .F.
    LOCAL nKey
    oFullText = NEWOBJECT('classMyFullText', 'FTWrapper.PRG','',mStatusText)
    oFullText.Table = mTable
    oFullText.ExclusiveIndexing = .T.
    RetValue = oFullText.CreateIndex(mKeyField,mIndFields,.T., FILETOSTR('FullTextNoise.txt'), 4)
    RELEASE oFullText
    CLEAR CLASS fulltext