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We have our suspicions as to what might be causing this problem, but we are not sure.  Would it be possible for you to send us a copy of the relevant files?  At a minimum we need the four index files (.ftt, .ftx, .ftwt and .ftwx) and FullTextNoise.txt.  Please zip all these files and send them to

FoxWeb Support Team email

Sent by Gunnar Philipp on 05/03/2005 09:57:03 AM:
Hello everybody.
i just downloaded the FullTextSearch Engine and wrote a little test program. on the search function it returns an error i can not figure out:
Corrupt Full-Text Index for table "d:\development\dev\mm\kess\comast.dbf" (noise words do not match NoiseWordsCount attribute)
Expression evaluator failed.
when i created the index i used the sample sysntax provided ("FldString" is a string with all character and memo fields in the source table):
RetValue = oFullText.CreateIndex(;
   'oeno', ;
   FldString, ;
   .T., ;
   FILETOSTR('FullTextNoise.txt'), ;
does anyone have an idea?
thanks for all your help in advance!