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I've been using Macromedia (now Adobe) DreamWeaver 8 and it works well after you configure it correctly... all the details are on the Adobe web site I believe.  Essentially you have to configure DW so that it recognizes the fwx extension.  I've done this by defining that the fwx extension should be treated the same as the asp extension.  Code coloring is a little weird cause it expects to find VBScript but otherwise it works wonderfully. 

The same is available in MS Expression Web V1.0 and V2.0,  but if you're using templates you're out of luck since the guys at MS didn't provide for updating custom extension files when you modify the underlying template. (I checked with MS and they confirmed this)  It's a shame because Expression Web (especially V2.0) rendering is superb, but it makes using it difficult with large sites (you'd have to manually update all the files based on templates after a change).

Hope this helps...

Sent by FoxWeb Support on 11/22/2008 05:42:36 PM:
Although I have no personal experience with this, we have heard from several customers that use Microsoft FrontPage, or Adobe Dreamweaver for FoxWeb development. This forum contains a number of post, discussing this issue.
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Sent by Jeff Grippe on 11/21/2008 11:43:04 AM:
Hi All,

So far, all of my HTML coding around FoxWeb has been written by hand. I was wondering what GUI / Web Development tools people have used that work well with FoxWeb?