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I have been running FoxWeb as an application (that is, with the channel windows visible) throughout my testing.  As I said in my first post, the very first line of fw_enter.prg is a print statement, and that statement is not appearing in the channel windows.  Also, the title of the channel windows never changes to reflect a busy status. 

I agree with you about the timeout value (I've left it at 15 seconds), but that's not the issue...the error is returned to the browser instantly.
This exact code runs just fine on the old hardware...I've done byte-wise compares between the .prg and .fxp files between the two with no discrepancies.  I'm quite certain that my code never gets executed when the Broker gets in this state. There are no dialog boxes, illegal commands, or user inputs.
Do you have any other suggestions of things I can check for or known issues?  I've been actively developing this site in FoxWeb for over a decade, but I've plumb run out of ideas on this problem.
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