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We have the same issue, we have a user's table for our Intranet which we maintain thru ASP.Net and the Web.  What we did, we created a small app that is running every 15 min on our server (Scheduled tasks) and just syncs between the Auth Table and the SQL User Table.

This way, it allowed our Foxweb side to do its thing with the Auth and the sessions, etc.. and the ASP.Net uses the SQL table and we made both work together.

Sent by jc clerc on 09/28/2008 11:02:22 AM:
I am migrating all my tables onto mysql. All is ok with the ODBC with sqlconnect, sqlexec .... (using the right user for the service!) but in order to use the Auth.AuthTable login I have to open a "DBF format table" is there a way to achieve the same by using the cursor name (user) I've got from my sqlexec(connectname,"select name,password from myuserlist","user") request ?
This will allow to not use a DBF FILE anymore.
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