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I'm using FW v4.3 with 2 virtual servers. 
I've migrated from Windows 2000 to a new server with Windows 2003 R2 with last service pack a few weeks ago.
FW running as a service with a service user from Active Directory

I use FW for years now without problem, but I don't understand what happens now.

For the second time,  in see in "foxweb channel status" that one of the 4 defined channels stays definitely with the status "not responding"

What I can see in the different logs for this 2nd time :

- Foxweb error log : "syntax error" in fw_exit.fxp on channel 1 at 17:36  (channel 1 is the one which is not responding)
This error has been fixed in the mean time, the other 3 channel works perfectly

- Windows Application log : error at 17:36

Description : Type de l'événement : Erreur
Source de l'événement : Microsoft Visual FoxPro 9
Catégorie de l'événement : Aucun
ID de l'événement : 1000
Date :  25/09/2008
Heure :  17:36:05
Utilisateur : N/A
Ordinateur : HANSOLO
Description : La description pour l'ID d'événement ( 1000 ) dans la source (Microsoft Visual FoxPro 9) est introuvable. L'ordinateur local n'a peut-être pas les informations de Registre ou les librairies requises pour afficher les messages émanant d'un ordinateur distant. Vous pourrez peut-être utiliser l'option /AUXSOURCE= pour récupérer cette description. Reportez-vous aux rubriques Aide et support pour plus de détails. Les informations suivantes font partie de l'événement : fwserver.exe;; 47139f24; unknown;; 00000000; 0; 00751200.

Translation (English is not my mother language) : description for event ID 1000 in the source (VFP 9) is not found.   The local computer has maybe not the register information or needed libraries to display messages coming from a remote computer.   Tou can maybe use the option /AUXSOURCE= to get this description back.    See help and support for more details.    The following informations are part of the event : fwserver.exe;; 47139f24; unknown;; 00000000; 0; 00751200.

Stopping and starting the service in the FoxWeb Control Center one hour later do NOT solve the problem, as channel 1 disapeared now from the Foxweb Channel Status.

4 "fwserver.exe" processes are still present in the processes list of Task Manager, but the one with the lowest process ID has abnormaly high processor time and memory usage.

Next step : I've killed this process.    The remaining 2,3 and 4 channels seem to work perfectly.

Next step : Stopping and starting the service in the FoxWeb Control Center.    Nothing changed, channels 2, 3 and 4 are waiting or busy.
Channel 1 didn't come back, and only 3 fwserver processes are running (together with one fwstart)

Today's entries in fwstart.log are the following :
09/25/2008 18:50:29 Closing FoxWeb
09/25/2008 18:50:33 Starting FoxWeb
09/25/2008 18:56:38 Closing FoxWeb
09/25/2008 18:56:41 Starting FoxWeb

I did find another error previously :
09/15/2008 14:10:47 Insufficient rights to open FoxWeb registry key! Change user rights of service user.

I added some rights to the foxweb service user in the registry, and the error didn't come back.

Any help should be welcome

Thanks in advance