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I'm trying to upgrade from iPlanet web server (v6.0) to Sun Java System Web Server (v7.0)  (New name, new version, same product) 
I've got .prg programs working under the CGI directory.
I have not been able to get .fwx pages working on 7.0.
In v6.0,  I added a MIME type "Content-Type: magnus-internal/shellcgi" for the fwx extension in the web server config, then associated .fwx with FoxWeb.exe in Windows.  Worked great.
In v7.0, when I do this I get this response in the browser:

Method Not Allowed

The server is unable to process your request. 
If I remove that MIME type (or change it from a Content-type to a Content-language or a Content-encoding), the "Method Not Allowed" message goes away, and I get the source code of the .fwx file (not processed by FoxWeb) in the browser as text/plain.
One other oddity I noticed: I compared the file association on our new Win2003 Server to the existing (working) Win2000 Server.  I set the association on the new server up to match what is on the old server. 
Yet when I open the File Association dialog on the Win2003 server again, it has "Use DDE" checked, with no DDE Message, "FoxWeb" as the Application, and "System" as the topic.  I've unchecked Use DDE and saved several times, but it keeps coming back.
Our Win2000 Server does not do this...Use DDE is not checked.
I've also given the cgi directory (including FoxWeb.exe) Read/Execute access to Everyone.  This did not help, so I removed that permission.  (The server inherits appropriate permission through other rules.)
That's where I'm at right now, and I'm thoroughly stumped.  Is anybody else 
using Sun Java System Web Server (v7.0)?
Thanks for any help you can offer,
David Hempy
Internet Database Administrator
Kentucky Educational Television
(859)258-7164 - (800)333-9764