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Now, I know the program name of my error but, unfortunatly, this program is so huge, I still can't locate the error!?

Can you suggest me something to helping me locate the error ?

Thanks for you help
Sent by FoxWeb Support on 09/11/2008 06:44:22 PM:
With version 4 the file fwstart.log was moved to a different location, so as to properly support newer versions of Windows. The new location is the All Users data folder, which can be located by clicking on the Data Folder button at the bottom of the FoxWeb Control Center window.
This file should list channels that get restarted and the last URL that they served.
FoxWeb Support Team email
Sent by Jet Li on 09/11/2008 10:42:08 AM:

I just upgrade to Foxweb 4.0 (under vfp9)

I have a problem with one of my program.
By reading this forum,  I try to change my services to run foxweb in taskbar to see what's appen.

I now know it's a vfp system windows asking me to locate a DBF file but I don't know wish program asking me this?
I will like to correct the error ... but can't locate it?

- Not error in the [error log] tab of foxweb.
- No log in the foxweb folder

How can I know the program name/line causing this error ?
Any log when FoxWeb closing a channel ???
Thanks for your responce