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The network security group at our company recently modified a server running foxweb 3.1 on Windows 2003 by removing the everyone group from some shares.  This has caused a problem with accessing anything via the foxweb.dll (http://webserver/cgi-bin/foxweb.dll/show_cgi) ISAPI module. 
When navigating to this URL the browser requests a username and password.  No username and password works, all result in a re-prompt for a username and password. Clicking cancel displays the "HTTP Error 401.3 - Unauthorized: Access is denied due to an ACL set on the requested resource." error.  Note this does not happen when accessing the same page via foxweb.exe (http://webserver/cgi-bin/foxweb.dll/show_cgi).  Using foxweb.exe in the URL displays all pages correctly.  Foxweb.exe and Foxweb.dll are in the same directory, the permissions are all the same and ISAPI is allowed for fwx files. 
Any ideas?