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The symptoms you describe suggest that FoxWeb is unable to see index.fwx.  At first I suspected that this was due to user rights (may be the FoxWeb service user does not have rights to this file), but I tested this theory and got a different error (Error in FoxWeb Foundation Program).  The only way I could reproduce the problem is by setting the Hidden flag of index.fwx, which effectively hides it from FoxWeb.  I assume that this is not the case here, right?

Try temporarily running FoxWeb as a regular application (as opposed to a service), to see if this makes a difference.  If it does, then the problem is most probably related to user rights.
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Sent by David Hempy on 03/11/2008 02:41:04 PM:
I had an odd occurance last week, that I brushed off as a fluke.  But then it happened again just now.
I've got index.fwx in a particular folder.  I could hit the file in the browser, index.fxp is created, and I get my output in the browser.
However, I just made another edit (of many) and my changes were not reflected in the browser, and index.fxp file was not regenerated.  
I deleted index.fxp, and got this error in the browser:
There was an error during the interpretation of your request
Message:   Script "index.fwx" is invalid, or non-existent
index.fxp was not recreated.
So then, I renamed index.fwx to index_hiding.fwx .  I hit the index page (index.fwx) in the browser again and got the web server's regular 404 File Not Found page...not an error from FoxWeb, but from Apache.
I copied index_hiding.fwx to index.fwx.  Now I get the same FoxPro error again, and no index.fxp page was generated.   
So then I copied some other .fxp file (guest_list.fxp) to index.fxp, and I get the correct output for the Guest List, not for the index page.  I then edited index.fwx so it had a newer timestamp than the file now named index.fxp (newer by three months!), and it did not regenerate index.fxp ... I still got the Guest List.
Finally, I deleted index.fxp again, edited index.fwx, and hit the page.  Again, I got no index.fxp,  and I got the FoxWeb error cited above.
I then copied index.fwx to index2.fwx .  When I hit that page in the browser, it successfully generated and served the output from index2.fxp.   But still, the original index.fxp file will not generate.
Anyone have any ideas?  I have not been able to make any sense of this.  This is on a server which sees plenty of use from day to day.
Kind regards,
David Hempy
Internet Database Administrator
Kentucky Educational Television
(859)258-7164 - (800)333-9764