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Yesterday we received an error on all nine of our FoxWeb channels. It was a dialog box presented, I believe, from FoxWeb.

Runtime Error!


This application has requested the Runtime to terminate in an unusual way.
Please contact the application's support team fro more information.
(Note that the Program portion in the message was blank).

Not sure exactly what caused this to occur and wondering if anyone has any ideals.

Windows 2003 Server - Service Pack 2 - R2
FoxWeb 3.51
VFP 9.0 SP1
Running CGI (Foxweb.exe)
Nine channels
2GB Ram
Buff mem size: 1398

We have never had an issue with this particular server until we upgraded to Windows 2003 Server R2 and FoxWeb 3.51 last weekend. It ran fine previously on Windows 2000 Server and FoxWeb 1.29.

Also channel 3 has disappeared and is not restarting. So we only have 8 channels running at this time. Nothing shows in the FWStart.LOG about channel 3.