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The OnClick event code will either need to use Ajax to get the new information and then programmatically modify the contents of your form, or you will need to submit your form to a script that returns the exact same form, with the various values pre-populated, based on the values that were submitted.

Another option is to change your application, so that it uses a wizard-like interface.
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Sent by George Gambill on 12/12/2007 10:13:12 AM:

I want to reload the page when a radio button is pressed such that FoxWeb loads different input tags according to which radio button was selected.


I am trying onchange in the radio button (onclick="ReloadPage(true)")  with the JavaScript:

  function ReloadPage(DoReload) {
  if (DoReload) {"AddMember.fwx",null) }

Unfortunately, when the page loads, all data previously entered in all input tags is cleared to blank and has to be reentered.


Any suggestions?