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By the way, I found Firebug for Firefox and the IE Developer Toolbar for IE invaluable in troubleshooting AJAX problems.
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Sent by G Barfield on 11/25/2007 02:07:04 PM:
I am trying to use JSon(WriteCursor) to write a JSon string back to a javascript program for a AutoComplete feature in a form.   I finally got my JSON string formatted correctly (with the help of Pandelis) and thought it was working but my javascript program won't accept it.

Wierd part is, when I cut and paste the string contents out and put it directly into Response.Write("String Content") the program works, but will not work "on the fly".   String content must be in quotes for it to work but of course you can't put the function in quotes or it is literally translated.

Does anyone have any ideas?