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 I have a form (addmember.fwx) which (for test purposes) starts out with some VFP code to capture the iniformation returned by Request.Form("FormName").


The form has a button (<INPUT id=btnSubmit type=submit ...>) designed to reload the form through the action=addmember.fwx parameters of the Form tag.


For some reason Request.Form("FormName") returns an “O” (no quotes) as if I were asking for the type() of a object instead of the expected “admember” (no quotes).


Also, as a side bar, the command repl test2 with dtoc(date()) returns an “O” (no quotes).


Any suggestions???



The relevant code is :


m.l_FormName = Request.Form("FormName")


if not used('test')

sele 0

use test

repl test1 with m.l_FormName && the test1 files is a memo field

repl test2 with dtoc(date()) && the test1 files is a memo field








<FORM id=Form1 name=addmember action=addmember.fwx method=post>




<P><INPUT id=btnSubmit type=submit value="Add Member" name=btnSubmit></P>