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  1. You purchased FoxWeb after version 4 was released, so the software key you received was for this version.  Please go ahead and install FoxWeb 4 and then try entering the software key you received.
  2. FoxWeb 4 will not work with VFP 5 -- it requires VFP 6.0 and above.  This does not necessarily mean that you have to purchase a newer version of VFP to install on your server, but it can sometimes make things easier.  If you don't want to install VFP on your server, you will need to run with the VFP run-time DLL.  This setting is controlled in the Configuration page of the FoxWeb Control Center.  If you choose to use the VFP run-time DLL, you might as well use VFP 9, which is the latest version.  If you installed a version of FoxWeb other than the one for VFP 9, you can install the correct version by re-running the setup program and selecting the Change VFP Version option.  Important: When using the VFP run-time DLL, you must make sure to compile scripts manually from fwadmin.fwx.
  3. Virtual servers should work fine.  You will need to make sure that IIS is configured properly for your virtual servers and you will also need to enter the host names for these servers in the FoxWeb Control Center.
  4. FoxWeb scripts do not run in Internet Explorer.  They run on the server and generate HTML code, which is sent to web browsers, such as IE.
FoxWeb Support Team email
Sent by mictech on 11/02/2007 09:50:27 AM:
Hi. How are you, every body, I just buy few day foxweb licensing
Now I start up and step by step to setup and try to run, but I have
many question for my start up, I use vfp 5.0 to write program at desktop
run on windows no program.

1. When i install foxweb v 3.51, my licensing not work why ?
2. I thank this licensing only foxweb v 4.0, but v 4.0 not support vfp 5.0
   what to do, meby must upgrade vfp to high 6.0 or high ?
3. I install web server on my system, no virtual servers can work ?
4. on vfp have command window, how to compile to foxweb program run on
   internet explorer, please tell me step by step,

thank you very much