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I originally cited the output of the old "ChanStat" program from earlier versions of FoxWeb.  I just explored the fwAdmin pages in v4.0 for the first time, and it seems to recognize the times and last scripts correctly, while the old ChanStat does not. 
I'll start using the new version now. :-) 
FoxWeb Channel Status

11/01/07 17:38:12
ChannelServerStatusConnectionsLast Script TimeLast Script
1 Local Waiting 0 11/01/07 17:38:05 /chanstat@/db/pub/chanstat
2 Local Waiting 0 11/01/07 17:34:55 /fwErrorLog.fwx
3 Local Waiting 0 11/01/07 17:34:42 /fwErrorLog.fwx

0 Pending Requests



FWIW, this is our current system config:


About this Server Logout

System Information
FoxWeb Version  4.0 
Total Channels 
FoxWeb Path  d:\program files\foxweb\ 
Virtual Program Root  D:\ 
Main Program Root  D:\ 
Program Path  d:\ 
Operating System  Windows 5.00 
Web server  iPlanet-WebServer-Enterprise/6.0 
Date/Time  11/01/2007 05:39:38 PM 
VFP Version  Visual FoxPro 09.00.0000.3504 for Windows 
VFP Compile Version 
VFP Temporary Path  <snip>
Buffer Memory Size  85.2500 MB 
License Flags  Development, Servers: 1 

Virtual Roots  D:\ 

040D00211  Company: KET Development, Servers: 1 

© Copyright Aegis Group





David Hempy
Internet Database Administrator
Kentucky Educational Television
(859)258-7164 - (800)333-9764
Sent by David Hempy on 11/01/2007 02:28:19 PM:


Another oddity/clue - When running as an application, ChanStat looks like this:


FoxWeb Channel Status

ChannelStatusLast requestLogicalPath
1 Busy* / / : : AM  
2 Stopped / / : : AM  
3 Stopped / / : : AM  

* Channel executing ChanStat


No timestamp or logical path ever appears.  Not sure if this is significant. 


You can see this here, although I may have the server down from time to time so you may not see it: