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Hello Mary,
I had to do the same exact thing a while ago, just to confirm that it is not a problem at all.  This method is usually required to open salesrep access or customer to design a B2B, but you can definitly migrate all if you need. The basic code is simply copy and paste the variables will have to come from the request.form(), no "Browse" here !! you will simply create a table using http link or javascript to click in cells.  This adds a huge added value to the solution and reassure the client that Foxpro is a good solution. By the way the response time on a basic server is very very good !


Sent by mary g on 10/19/2007 04:55:56 PM:
I need some help with figuring out how to port a desktop application to a web application given these constraints:
1. Desire to maintain a base of common code between desktop and web applications
2. Desktop code is mostly procedural, not object-oriented (originally written in FoxPro 2.6), and does not separate interface from business logic.
3. Preference to make as few changes to desktop code as possible

Is this feasible? What are my options? Any suggestions would be most apprecitated.