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There can be several causes for your channels hanging.  In most (but not all) cases the problem is isolated to one or more specific scripts.  You should be able to identify these scripts, by looking at the file fwstart.log in your FoxWeb folder.  This file may contain "Killed Channel X", or "Restarting Channel X" entries.  These entries usually list the offending script.

Once you figure out which script is causing the problem, you should follow the instructions in the FoxWeb documentation to troubleshoot the problem.  You should start from the "Hanging channels, or channels that get restarted often" section of the Common Problems page.

The price for upgrading a version 2.X license to 4.X is $99.  You can purchase an upgrade license from the Purchase page on our site.
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Sent by manus kunthanangkul on 10/17/2007 07:03:14 PM:
i'm use foxweb 2.5 it's older
and it have many problem
the chanel has lost i'm set in 9 chanel but som chanel is lost

can u help me. i'm a newer technical of this office i don't understand

at last can i upgrade to foxweb 4.0