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The ContactMine sample application contains code that does exactly what you need.

1. You can insert dynamic strings in your response with the Response.Write method, or by including them in code blocks that start the the "=" character.  This is explained (with examples) in the Writing FoxWeb Scripts page of the documentation.  Here's an example that assumes that your cursor is named "SearchResults":

<p>Name: <Input type="text" name="Name" value="<%=SearchResults.Name%>"/> </p>

2. Depending on how the data is sent back to the server (POST, or GET), you can read it via the Request.Form, or Request.QueryString methods.  The Processing User Input page in the FoxWeb documentation explains this in detail.

3. You can use JavaScript, or the TARGET attribute of <FORM> and <A> tags to send content to another browser window.  This is not specific to FoxWeb, so I recommend that you do an Internet search to learn more.
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Sent by George Gambill on 09/26/2007 01:45:39 PM:


We have an .fwx (fashioned from your NameSearch.fwx) that creates a one record cursor (results) with member information (name, phone, etc.). 

Now we want to present that information on web page allowing changes.


Question 1:How can we use the name tag to present the information from the cursor?


            <p>Name: <Input type="text" name = "Name" /> </p>


Question 2: How do we update the origional VFP table?  ie:



sele 0

            use member

            locate (or better yet seek)

            repl with ????



Question 3: How can we pass the information from this page to another page in another window (seems easier to keep simple)?


Question 4: Is there a better way to do this?