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I am currently using Foxweb 2.6. Most of my programmes were developed
since I started using Foxweb 1.29c. We have not changed much of the
coding of the programmes since we have upgraded our Foxweb.  
We had no problems running all our scripts and web applications developed on Foxweb in IE. Recently we have decided to switch browsers from IE to
Firefox. We started testing our web applications on Foxweb and we encounter the Firefox prompting that it is trying to open the programme which is "application/octet-stream" and asked "What should firefox do with this file?"
with options to open with/Save to Disk. We have no problems with IE.
Our programmes are still using the "html_out=Mergetxt(ReadFile(file.mrg))"
method to display response.
Tried using:
"html_out =
"Content-type: text/html"+CHR(10)+CHR(10)+MergeTxt(ReadFile('file.mrg')) 
and it worked on Firefox.  
I have hundreds of programmes
producing based on the "html_out" method, is there an easier way to overcome this issue instead of changing codes on all my programmes. 
Foxweb is currently running on NT4 with IIS4.