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For some reason we never received your email message.  You may be right about the SPAM filter, but this would be the first time it caused problems.
  1. You can’t upgrade a single virtual server license to one with more servers (upgrade pricing is for upgrading a license to the same type of license of a newer version).  However, you can purchase additional licenses to increase the number of virtual hosts on your server.  For example, you could purchase a 1-host license, which will allow you to run a total of two virtual hosts.  The FoxWeb Control Center will allow you to enter as many licenses as you want, but you can save money by purchasing the right number of virtual hosts with a single license.  For example, if you expect to run 5 virtual hosts in the near future, then it’s much cheaper to purchase a single 5-host license, instead of a combination of multiple 1-host and/or 2-host licenses.  Pricing for the various types of licenses is posted on our web site.
  2. We have just released FoxWeb 4 beta 1.  Barring any major issues, the final version will be out in about 30 days.


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Sent by Jim on 09/09/2007 12:02:36 PM:

Two questions:

  1. Currently, what is the cost to upgrade a single virtual server (latest version of FW) to 2 virtual servers and to 5 virtual servers?
  2. Also, should I wait for version 4 or is the release date still over the horizon?

(Sorry for posting this here, but I've sent multiple emails and suspect that your spam filter vacuumed them up.)


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