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I just tried your code and ended up with the correct result in mailaccents.txt.  The test was made with FoxWeb 3, but I don't believe that this is a FoxWeb version issue, because I can't find any relevant fixes since FoxWeb 2.  Could this be an issue with the default language on your version of Windows?

Also, have you tried the URL that I provided in my previous response?  Do the accents get displayed properly for you?
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Sent by Mike Gagnon on 09/04/2007 06:34:04 AM:


I am back analizing this problem.
I send the word "Téléphone" to a URL and I end up loosing the accents once it gets to FoxWeb.
I record what I am sending in a table locally (accents are there), and the first line of my code are

lcID   = FormField("ID")
lcFrom  = FormField("F")
lcTo   = FormField("T")
lcSubject = FormField("S")
lcBody  = FormField("B")
lcCompany   = FormField("comp")
lnTEventid   = FormField("TID")


And the textfile contains no accents.  Please remember this is Foxweb version 2.
Is there a codepage I should be looking at or something else?

Mike Gagnon

Sent by FoxWeb Support on 07/05/2007 01:07:41 PM:
I just tried this with no problem.  I created the following script:

Request.QueryString("var"): <%=Request.QueryString("var")%><br>
FormField("var"): <%=FormField("var")%><br>

I called the script with the URLéléphone.  The result was:

Request.QueryString("var"): Téléphone
FormField("var"): Téléphone

Please try the same URL (click on the link above) and let us know if you are getting the same result.
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Sent by Mike Gagnon on 07/04/2007 01:42:30 PM:


I try to pass variables directly in my URL command line with
Foxweb version 2 :éléphone

then I try to recuperate the value with FORMFIELD("var")
and the accent was not there ... It's look FORMFIELD function do not
recuperate it correctly.

Thankx to help me