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I´ve been having problems with the rights applied to photos; for example, I need a photo must be seen in USA, but not in Mexico and not in England and not in France; and need someones must be seen just in Spain ..... the case is that I´ve using this: "(IPTC200 CONTAINS(T_BE_HO)) OR (IPTC200 CONTAINS(T_IT_FR_UK_AL_US)) OR (IPTC200 CONTAINS(T_ES)) AND NOT (IPTC200 CONTAINS(S_ES)) OR NOT (IPTC200 CONTAINS(S_ES_LA_BR_AR_ME)) OR NOT (IPTC200 CONTAINS(S_ES_PO_LA_BR_AR_ME)) OR NOT (IPTC200 CONTAINS(S_ES_PO_LA_RU_BR_AR_ME))  OR NOT (IPTC200 CONTAINS(S_ES_RU_LA_BR_AR_ME)) OR NOT (IPTC200 CONTAINS(S_ES_ME))".    It´s difficult to keep balance and organized this ....
Is there anyone that is using a Database file to keep this organized by rights? ....   - Really Thank you.