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1. FoxWeb 4 will not support the ability to dedicate channels to specific virtual servers.  This feature would require that the FoxWeb Channel Broker have the ability to analyze the content of incoming requests, which is not the case.

2. You can currently set custom error pages, memory buffers and script timouts per virtual server (or per script for that matter).  All three of these settings can be changed via scripting:

Error page:
(note that this setting will persist after the request is finished, so, if you are going to change it, you need to do so at the beginning of each request).

Buffer Memory Size:
SYS(3050, 1, [nBuffMemSize])
SYS(3050, 2, [nBuffMemSize])

Script Timeout:

The above settings can be set in fw_enter.prg, which is unique for each virtual server.  Alternatively, you can set them in individual scripts that require special handling.

3. Our licensing requirements require that a separate virtual server is allocated for each host name.  However, you can have two, or more entries in the Virtual Hosts table point to the same program root.  What this means is that you do need to purchase a license for each host name, but that multiple host names can serve the same site.
FoxWeb Support Team email
Sent by James Williams on 05/15/2007 06:10:35 AM:
Just thought I would mention some things I would like to see in the next release. PLEASE

1. To assign a channel to a virtual server or to set the number of channels wanted per server, this is so that you can make sure that there are always channels available to primary virtual servers.

2. Error page, Memory Buffer, Script Timeout per virtual server.

3. Allow to add multiplue alias's to a virtual server (,,,