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FoxWeb does not currently support files that are this big.  The problem is that the code attempts to read the whole POST data buffer in a VFP memory variable, which, as you can imagine can be problematic with data sizes exceeding 200 MB.  In order to change this, we will have to enhance the Request object, so as to save the uploaded files to disk and pass the path to requested script.
We are planning to address this limitation in a future release, but for files this big you should also consider using a different upload mechanism, such as FTP.
FoxWeb Support Team email
Sent by P.F. McCracken on 03/02/2007 06:42:47 AM:
Our uploads over 215 Mb causes the foxweb process to hang.  They want up to 250 mb here.  Frown
Ideas or Suggestions please.
Sleep API Possibly Hanging Sys During large uploads.
MS IIS debug utility suggests this as a cause.  
  The sleep API can cause high CPU usage until the loop in the program is