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The IFRAME idea looks to be the onel. I will give it a try.
It could also be the answer to some other applications as well. 
Sent by FoxWeb Support on 01/26/2007 07:30:28 PM:
There are many solutions to the problem of accessing the output of an FWX script from ASP, some of which will work better, depending on your needs.  Here are a few options:
HTTP request from your ASP script
This is not AJAX, because the HTTP request is done on the server side.  You will need to use an HTTP component, such as the Internet Transfer Control, which comes with Visual Basic.  This is probably the easiest and most flexible solution.
AJAX request from the client
Your ASP script would execute and send HTML and JavaScript code to the browser.  The JavaScript code would then make an AJAX request to your FWX script to retrieve the ID.  In this case the ID would be available at the browser. 
IFRAME from the client
Your ASP script would execute and send HTML code to the browser.  The code will include an IFRAME (which could be hidden via CSS), whose src would point to your FWX script.  The FWX script could either return  HTML code that is visible in the IFRAME, or JavaScript code, containing the requested information.

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Sent by Stephen Ames on 01/26/2007 04:29:57 PM:
I need to display on a ASP page information that is linked to the user ID that they give in the URL.
i.e. ID=1234
As there are several hundred different user ids I have the information for each in a dbf file.
I need to run a script that sends the id to a fwx file that returns the data to be displayed
in the ASP file. It has to be an ASP file unfortunately. No problems with fwx.
I saw something on this forum recently that referrred to "Ajax" but that looked super complicated
when I feel this should be fairly straight forward. I cannot seem to fathom it out though.
Any ideas - I hope I have explained this correctly.