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It seems that you've figured it out.  You can still run PRG files, but these files can only contain regular FoxPro code.  You may not include script delimiters (<% and %>) and HTML blocks in PRG files.
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Sent by Bob Louder on 12/23/2006 04:49:06 AM:
Apparently if I change the extension from a prg to a fwx, it runs the script ok. 
Sent by Bob Louder on 12/23/2006 04:16:00 AM:
I have moved some old 1.0 foxweb scripts to a new win2003 std server with IIS6 and got them to all work fine for the most part.  Now I am trying to convert them to the new style.  But the IIS6 is reject the <% as being an unrecognized verb.  I know foxweb is getting the info cause I see the error in the foxweb log.  Did I miss a switch or what do I need to do to fix this situation.
All help appreciated.