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Please forgive my stupidity but... when I go to do step 3, where do I do this... I tried from within the fwadmin but get:

Error:   12
Variable 'ADDLTIME' is not found.
Line Num.:
IF .

I tried from a command prompt and of course there is no external fwadmin.fwx.

How do I execute this step?


Sent by FoxWeb Support on 10/26/2006 12:17:24 PM:
You mentioned "upgrade", so I assume you are running FoxWeb version 3.  If you have not upgraded to 3.51, please do so.  Once you do, please provide us with some additional information:
Wait until the problem re-appears.  The following steps must be performed while you are experiencing the problem.
Call fwadmin.fwx (you may need to configure it in the FoxWeb Control Center.
1. Click on the System Info link.  Paste the content of the System Information table here.  For security purposes, delete path information from the various values.
2. Click on the Channel Status link.  Paste the content of the channel status table here.
3. Create a script as follows:
DO show_channels2 in fwadmin.fwx
Call this script and paste resulting channel status table here.
4. Start the Windows Task Manager.  Go to the Processes tab and sort by process name.  If you are using the VFP run-time DLL, look for processes named fwserver.exe.  If not, look for processes named VFP.EXE.  How many such processes do you see?
5. While still in the Processes tab of the Windows Task Manager, look for processes named dw15.exe, or dw20.exe.  Are there any?  How many?  Do they correspond with the number of missing channels?

FoxWeb Support Team email

Sent by Steve Moore on 10/26/2006 11:34:12 AM:
Thank you for a wonderful product.

Since my last upgrade I have noticed that channels occasionaly die and are never restarted, forcing me to manually restart foxweb to get all the channels back. The start/error logs do not give me any good clue as to whats happening. There are no errors reported and all the start log says is that foxweb is retarted (when I manually restart).

I have auto-restart checked in the configuration panel. Foxweb is running as a service.

Any ideas where to look to a) find out whats killing the channels and b) how to get the channel to auto-restart?

The code thats running has been running for years and is way past the debugging stage.

Thanks in advance for any clues.