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We are unable to provide technical support in Spanish at this point.  Can you post your question in English?
With my extremely limited Spanish I gather that you are having problems with the setup program not creating script mappings for the fxp and fwx extensions.  The setup program does not create a script mapping for fxp files, nor should you try to use fxp in your URLs.  Even if you are calling fxp files, you should always use fwx in your URLs.  I can't tell you why the setup program is failing to create the fwx script mapping (if it does indeed fail), but the Configuring your Web Server page in the FoxWeb documentation explains how you can configure this manually for IIS and Apache.

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Sent by juan matias on 10/16/2006 06:30:09 AM:
buenos dias. instale el fox web de prueba, pero borre las extensiones de fxp y el fwx en el aplications mappings.