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 Correction to below. The FW_enter.prg must be in the DEFAULT PROGRAM ROOT. The .FWX files are placed in the web server's directory along with the html static files. So why must the FW_enter.prg be in the DEFAULT PROGRAM ROOT when I select "USE WE SERVER"S DIRECTORY MAPPING"?

Also, where does the envoronment information come from and why would it show a non-existent directory?

Sent by John Sullivan on 08/31/2006 11:53:57 AM:

I have been testing using the FW_enter.prg as per the information under GLOBAL PROCEDURES. It seems that even if I specify "USE WEB SERVER'S DIRECTORY MAPPING" the "DEFAULT PROGRAM ROOT" is where FW_Enter.prg must reside. I though when I checked the "Use Web Server's Directory Mapping" all .FWX and other programs needed to be in the web server's directory? Can you please explain?

One more question. Under the ERROR LOG tab of the Control Center there is a tab titled "ENVIRONMENT". In the window for this tab it shows a "Default Directory". Where is this information coming from? It shows a directory that does not even exist on this computer.

Thanks for your help.

John Sullivan