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Even though your images and stylesheets are referenced by your scripts, they must be placed in your Web tree, instead of the FoxWeb Program tree, where your scripts are located (FoxWeb supports a configuration where your scripts are also located in the web tree, but this setup is harder to secure and is not necessarily supported by all Web servers).
The techniques required to reference static files, such as images and stylesheets, from your scripts are outlined in the Including Links in FoxWeb Script Output section of the Locating and Addressing Scripts topic.  Specifically, I recommend that you pay particular attention to example 2b.
If you can still not view your images in the output produced by your FoxWeb scripts, please respond with more details about the Web root location, the FoxWeb Program Root location and the location of each fwx, image and stylesheet file.

FoxWeb Support Team email

Sent by John Sullivan on 08/18/2006 10:24:40 PM:

I have a problem getting both FoxWeb dynamic and static HTL documents work properly relative to images, etc. I hope someone can help.

I have documents which contain both script and HTML. The document contains references to JavaScript code, references to CSS documents and references to images, which are used for building the final web page.

At the top of the FWX document I have placed my <%   VFP code   %> that produces output used on the page. The output works but it is just text

When viewing through a browser the only thing that works is the text. I have no images, etc.

This raises the question of "How do I incorporate images, JavaScript, etc into pages that are built via script / HTLM?". Especially if I donít use the "Use web Server's Directory Mapping" in the FoxWeb Control Center. The problem is all of the JavaScript and images are common to both script and static (pure HTML) documents.

Can you provide me a solution that will allow my images and JavaScript to work with both static (pure HTLM) documents that are located in the web server root, and with FoxWeb script FWX files that are located outside the web server root? (As specified with the "Default Program root" setting on the FoxWeb Control Center).

I don't want to need to maintain images, etc in two different places. Can Foxweb FWX files reference images and can you use relative references. Are this relative to the web site or to the scripts directory.

I have read the document titled "Locating and Addressing Scripts" but still need help.

Any help you can provide regarding a solution will be appreciated.

John Sullivan