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You can do this with The simplest way to do this is to dynamically create a response from server 1 that will contain an IFRAME (which could be made invisible by setting its Display style to 'none').  The HREF attribute of the IFRAME element should point to the script on server two and can contain the date in the query string.




<p>Thank you for your submission!</p>

<p><a href="home.fwx">Continue</a></p>

<iframe href="http://server2/StoreData.fwx?<%=M.SubmittedData%>"

width="1" height="1" style="display: none;"></iframe>



While you are testing your scripts you can allow the iframe to be displayed and change its size, so that you can see the response from StoreData.fwx, running on server2.

FoxWeb Support Team email

Sent by Stephen Ames on 07/24/2006 09:21:30 AM:
My script enquiry.fwx takes the info from a form on server1 and files the data. I then need to send the data to another script on server2 before giving the user a thank you page. The user should stay on server1.

I tried "server.execute" but I see that is only for scripts on the same server.

I then tried using the "do ...." command but that did not work.

When I call the script on server2 I use the full with the 3 variables I need to send.

I have done this kind of this before but for some reason this one does not work. Any ideas where am I going wrong.