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FoxWeb 1.29c is not compatible with Windows 2000 or later.  The main problem ("Unable to open output file" error) can be eliminated by following the instructions in  The other known problem -- the inability to run FoxWeb 1.29c as a system service under Win2K -- does not have a fix.  For full compatibility we recommend that you upgrade to FoxWeb 2.X.


It seems that you are having a different problem in this case.  Did you start FoxWeb before calling scripts?  In order to do so, you must call fwstart.exe.  Once you do, you should verify that your channels have started and are available in the status tab of the FoxWeb Control Center.  If you still encounter problems, look for any warnings, or errors in fwstart.log.

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Sent by Mike on 05/31/2006 03:09:55 PM:
Good Afternoon,
I am running 1.29 w/ no problem on 2000 .... I am now implementing a new box w/ 2000 and I recieve the No Channels Open Error.
My best guess is that this is a rights issue. If I run foxweb.exe from the command line, i see that a hit registers on the channel ( it timestamps ) and says there were no URL parameters passed.
When i try to access via http: I simply get the error msg.

Can you pls advise ?  Can out outline the flow ?  Does foxweb.exe take the hit and call the dll which forwards to foxpro itself ?
Thanks in advance.
PS. I am a 3.0 license owner but we have not upgraded yet