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In VB the ampersand is used to concatenate strings.  The following is the equivalent FoxPro code:

vPostData = "x_login=" + x_login + "&x_tran_key=" + x_tran_key ;

            + "&x_version=" + x_version +......

FoxWeb Support Team email

Sent by Joe Goldsmith on 05/11/2006 08:39:49 PM:
I have the following ASP string that I need to convert to a delimited string.
vPostData = "x_login=" & x_login & "&x_tran_key=" & x_tran_key & "&x_version=" & x_version &......
This is not a delimited string I am used to where similar values are in columns. In the example above the variable and the value both are in the same row. "x_login=" is that var and x_login is the value holder.
Since I know little about ASP, can someone show me how to convert the above to a delimited string where the value comes from a Fox variable please? Much appreciated.