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Hi Ali,
Will it be possible for you to give me a sample of the code below.
I've looking for new ways on how to make my UI better using navigational menu but never tried inline frame. Appreciate it.


Sent by Ali Koumaiha on 01/17/2006 09:14:45 PM:
Duhhh.. Sorry for posting quickly without researching. I found the solution.
I simply said
<script language="Javascript">
and that took care of it.
I love FoxWeb
Sent by Ali Koumaiha on 01/17/2006 04:59:26 PM:
Script1 contains an Inline frame which has Script2 all in fwx.
In Script2 (Inline frame) i have buttons, text fields, etc.. and submit button which updates the infline frame info and save data in a dbf file.
On Script1 i have an HTML table which contains the reccount() of the dbf file being updated from script2 (inline frame).
When script2 updates the dbf, i need script1 (main page) to refresh itself or have script2 refresh the main page. 
The only way script1 (Main page) gets updates is when i hit a submit button on the (Main Page) or hit the Browser refresh button.
any ideas or help is appreciated.
I tried server.exectue and transfer, but, they appear inside the inline frame page...