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I have a login script and use SETVAR to carry some information from one page to another. I also have a header script in txt format where I use FILETOSTR to insert the header script. And, the header script has some FoxWeb code. The problem is that the FoxWeb code included header script does not work. I now understand that the txt header script file cannot be compiled so the FoxWeb code does not work when inserted using the FILETOSTR function. Would anyone have an idea as to how to insert a header script wile FoxWeb code into another script? Example:
*Login script
*Get user name
<%Response.Write("Name: "+lcName)%>
Another Script Inserting File
*Line below prints out the label name and the value of lcName
Response.Write("Name: "+lcName)
*Nothing is written but expect "Name: Joe" to be written
Anyone know how to insert a file with FoxWeb Script so that the FoxWeb script in the inserted file works?