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It's hard to know the exact cause from the information you provided.  Please check the following:
  • Make sure that you have provided the correct userid and password in the FoxWeb service properties.  If you did not, then the service won't start at all.
  • Make sure that the user account you specified has sufficient rights to run FoxWeb.  Try logging into the server as that user and run FoxWeb as a regular application.  Do you get any problems?
You should also check the file fwstart.log.  There's a good chance that it will contain additional troubleshooting info.

FoxWeb Support Team email

Sent by Danylo Kizyma on 03/05/2006 09:20:34 AM:
FoxWeb 1.29a;
Windows 2000 Server SP4
I am runing FoxWeb as a service.
When running FoxWeb service under 'System' account it returns pages but I get errors opening any table located in shared folders in a network. That is OK and is according to what is described in documentation.
To solve this problem I created local user 'FoxWeb', assigned it to 'Users' user group. Ran FoxWeb service under 'FoxWeb' user account. After that FoxWeb stopped working at all. For each request it returns such an error:

Error in CGI Back-End Program

There was an error during execution of the Back-End CGI program. The error is:

There are no open channels.
What am I doing wrong? Please, advise.
Thank you.