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You could check the value of Request.FormCount("user_id") against the value of Request.Form("user_id").  If Request.FormCount("user_id") is equal to 0, then the user did not submit this field at all (first request?).  If on the other hand Request.FormCount("user_id") is > 0 and Request.Form("user_id") is empty, then the user simply submitted an empty user_id.
I would like to re-iterate that you really should be using the Auth object for authentication.  You would have to spend weeks of development to re-produce its functionality and robustness.

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Sent by Larry Zhang on 01/25/2006 07:38:37 AM:
If user enters his id and password, we check his identity.
If not, we give a prompt. But using these codes, we get the prompt right away, because the field is empty at the very beginning.
We used to put codes in the Valid event of a command button. How to do the same (or similar) in FoxWeb? Thank you.


IF !empty(Request.Form("User_id"))

   Select ......


   %><h4> Sorry. User ID or Password can not be empty. </h4>