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You can't combine the use of any of the newer objects (Response, Session, Auth) in applications that utilize the html_out variable to return data to the browser.  If html_out is populated by your scripts, then FoxWeb does not send any of the data specified in the above objects, including cookies and other HTTP headers.
In order to be able to use these objects you will first have to convert your existing programs to use the Response object instead of html_out:

html_out = "content-type: text/html" + LF + LF + "Hello world!"


Response.Write("Hello world!")

FoxWeb Support Team email

Sent by Jim Weesies on 01/10/2006 02:13:33 PM:
I would like to use Session variables in an old-style Foxweb site.  The site consists of one PRG with several PROCEDURES, and each procedure is called via procname@prgname.
I can set the value of a session variable within a procedure, but when I call the next procedure, the session variable disappears.  I also tried the same thing with response.cookies and got the same result.  Do I need to rewrite the code and separate each procedure into separate fwx files in order to get the session object to work or is there a way to do it in the old-style code?  I would really like to get away from the old passcook system to keep track of users in this site.  Thanks.