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JavaScript does not use <% and %> tags.  The code you found is an ASP script, written in VBScript.  You will need to translate this in FoxPro if you want to use it in a FoxWeb script.

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Sent by Larry Zhang on 12/22/2005 07:35:26 AM:
Both Java script and FoxWeb code are using <%  %> tags. Can we use them mixedly? Can I put JScript inside my Foxweb codes?
(I just found a piece of JMail that I wish to use.)  Thank you.  e.g.
IF Request.FormCount("email") <> 0
    Select password from user ;
       where Upper(email)=UPPER(Request.Form("email"));
       INTO CURSOR results
    if _tally>0
        **---JScript begin
        Dim objJMail
        Set objJMail = Server.CreatObject("JMail.SMSTPMail")
        objJMail.Sender = ""
        objJMail.AddRecipient ""
        objJMail.Subject = "Password"
        objJMail.Body = "Hello. This is your password:" & cPWD  && Not sure if "&" is OK here
        objJMail.Priority = 3
        Set objJMail = Nothing
        **--JScript End