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The fwAdmin script introduced in FoxWeb 3 has a web-based error viewer that would allow you to look for new errors without having to use remote control software and the FoxWeb Control Center.
If the above solution is not adequate, then the best approach would be to enhance the provided error handler, so that it sends error messages via email.  FoxWeb by default uses code included in FWServer.exe to display error messages to the user.  However, if you want, you can specify a different error handler in the Configuration tab of the FoxWeb Control Center.  The file ErrHandler.fwx is provided as an example and contains code that emulates the default functionality included in FWServer.exe.
I recommend that you make a copy of this file (for example MyErrHandler.fwx) and modify it to suit your needs.  One caveat:  It is EXTREMELY important that the code in your error handler never fails.  If the code has bugs, or anything else that could cause a run-time error, the channel would hang.  This is because VFP does not offer any way to trap (or ignore) errors within error handlers.

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Sent by Joe Goldsmith on 12/19/2005 11:00:23 PM:
I need to have application errors that are registered in Foxweb's Control Panel sent to me in email so I don't have to keep looking at the server. I use Persits ASPEmail and have been using it for a couple of years. I want to place ASPEmail code somewhere to email errors to me. Would anyone know what FoxWeb application program is the best and perhaps where it should go?