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Thanks for the reply.
I read through that yesterday and I have a few more questions.
The code that we are talking about is "in production" and being used. I am trying to add a feature. I don't want to interrupt the users who are using the system currently.
The number of variables is small so returning to the browser makes sense. The code as it is written is going to finish what it has to do and then hit the response.redirect and move on to the next screen.
How do I get the code to pause when the variables are displayed so that I can stop and look at them before it continues executing? What is the browser/foxweb equiv. of VFP's WAIT command?
Sent by FoxWeb Support on 11/28/2005 08:11:59 PM:
Depending on how many variables you need to inspect, you can either return the necessary data to the browser, or trace through your script.  Tracing requires a little more preparation, but allows you to step through your code, place breakpoints and use the watch window.
The above are the last two techniques listed in the Debugging FoxWeb Scripts page in the FoxWeb documentation.  Please refer to this page for details.

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Sent by Jeff Grippe on 11/28/2005 01:36:38 PM:
I have a FoxWeb Script which is essentially:
A please wait message
Lots of VFP code
A response.redirect once the code has completed
There is an IF in the middle of the code that I expect to be activated that is not being activated. What is the best debugging technique to use
to inspect the variables and database fields that I think should contain
certain values but apparently don't