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If a specific URL works locally on the server, but not from another computer, then the problem is external to FoxWeb.  I would first concentrate on being able to access anything on the Web server -- not just FoxWeb requests.  Make sure that the server name (dl2) resolves to the correct IP address (you can do so by running "nslookup dl2" in the windows command prompt) and that there's no firewall preventing you from making HTTP requests to your server.
A couple more comments:
  • In the future, please refrain from phrases such as "does not work".  It would be much more helpful to us if you provided a better description of the problem, such as "the browser returns a '404 Page not Found' error".
  • It is not recommended to use .fxp as the extension in your FoxWeb URLs.  Even though you are calling .fxp files, the correct extension to use in the URL is fwx.  For details please refer to the FoxWeb documentation.

FoxWeb Support Team email

Sent by m husain on 10/30/2005 10:05:46 AM:
i am a new fwx user (evaluation).
we have win-xp pcs connected in a workgroup. i have installed foxweb on one of the machines with server name "dl2",  "myweb" folder with a page "hello.fwx". 
entering http://dl2/myweb/hello.fxp at the local pc works ok.
entering same url from another computer on the network does not work.
can you please help ?